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Credit Abuse Resistance Education (CARE) is a national, nonprofit organization providing students and young adults with the skills they need to make smart financial decisions. CARE is a volunteer-driven organization, with a network of approximately 1,000 expert volunteers in chapters across the country who give free educational presentations in high schools, colleges, and community youth organizations. Each CARE presentation conforms to the National Standards in K-12 Personal Finance Education developed by the National Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy.

CARE Maryland

Our volunteers make presentations throughout Maryland to a wide variety organizations including schools, government agencies, non-profit entities, retirement communities, and religious groups.
Please contact us to arrange for a presentation for your group.

How Can CARE Help?

  • CARE offers four general topic presentations on:

    • The Truth About Credit (e.g., how to establish credit and use debt responsibly)

    • Student Loans: Handle with CARE (e.g., the basics of financing higher education)

    • Brush Up on Budgeting (e.g., personal budgeting and finance skills)

    • The Road to Financial Independence (e.g., an overview of issues in establishing and using credit; a compilation of the other three presentations) 

  • CARE also can provide tailored presentations based on the makeup of the audience or the particular aspects of consumer finance that interest the audience


Contact Us

Chapter Coordinators

Michelle M. Harner

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge, District of Maryland

Lori S. Simpson

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge, District of Maryland

Jeanne M. Crouse, Esquire

Richard D. London, Esquire

Lisa Yonka Stevens, Esquire

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